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Gift Dad the Tasty Treat of Brittle This Father’s Day!

If you still don’t know what to get dad for Father’s Day, have you considered gourmet candy made especially for him? Home Spun Brittle offers peanut brittle for sale to suit any taste, including tastes with a preference for almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts, mixed nuts, fanciful flavors or even no nuts at all. With a wide range of customizable gift packages featuring tender, original, Home Spun Brittle, there are more ways than ever to buy peanut brittle. Temecula customers, as well as a wider online market, can choose from the following gift options to treat dad to something sweet that he’ll love this June 17th.

Brittle Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

  • Brittle Jar: 1½ pounds of your favorite gourmet candy varieties are beautifully packaged in a reusable jar with a screw-top lid, so these treats will stay fresher for longer.
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  • Party Platter: Nearly two pounds of brittle including Peanut, Pistachio, Chocolate Brownie, Tropical, Salted Caramel and Butter Pecan varieties are displayed on a lovely platter with an easily removable lid.
  • Three Variety Tin: This lovely little tin offers the perfect combination of Peanut, Pistachio and Salted Caramel brittle varieties. A great accompaniment to any gift for dad or a great gift on its own.
  • Six-Pack Sampler: This assortment includes six ¼-pound bags of Peanut, Pistachio, Chocolate Brownie, Tropical, Salted Caramel and Butter Pecan brittles. Why choose just one (or two, or three … )
  • Deluxe Box: An elegant gift box contains four ¼-pound bags of the most popular brittle varieties (Peanut, Pistachio, Salted Caramel and Tropical) and comes packaged with a luxurious, satin bow.  

You can also customize any of these tasty brittle gifts to suit the tastes of your dear dad perfectly! Just make sure to leave a note with your order at checkout and Home Spun Brittle will do the rest. You have all of the following delectable options to choose from.

Home Spun Brittle’s Complete Selection of Gourmet Candies

  • Peanut Brittle – classic, tender and home-spun
  • Pistachio Brittle – wonderfully roasted, salted pistachios make this a fan favorite
  • Cashew Brittle – roasted cashews make for a light and airy treat
  • Butter Pecan Brittle – the brittle is a buttery vessel for sumptuous, roasted pecans
  • Almond Brittle – roast almonds are wrapped in a tender, nutty and delectably sweet treat
  • Chocolate Brownie Brittle – made of cocoa and roast pecans, then topped with brownie
  • Tropical Brittle – coconut, lime and toasted cashews will take you away to the islands
  • Salted Caramel Brittle – caramel and sea salt are one of the latest flavor combinations
  • Chili Brittle – the classic peanut brittle is accented with chipotle, cayenne and red pepper
  • Banana Nut Brittle – banana and crunchy pecan create a uniquely irresistible taste
  • Candy Apple Brittle – pecan brittle is enhanced with apple bits and cinnamon candies
  • Caramel Apple Brittle – caramel and apple blended with pecans for an instant classic
  • Irish Coffee Brittle – cocoa, almonds, coffee and Irish cream make a unique impression
  • Cherry Berry Brittle – almonds mixed with essence of cherry, strawberry and blueberry
  • Apple Pie Brittle – an American classic made with pecans and apple pie flavorings
  • Eggnog Brittle – nutmeg, pecans and other flavors imitate the popular holiday drink
  • Peppermint Brittle – peppermint candy, roast almonds and a hint of peppermint flavor
  • Pumpkin Brittle – pumpkin pie spice and crunchy almonds take you to Thanksgiving
  • Gingerbread Brittle – this one might make you remember gingerbread men at Christmas
  • Mixed Nut Brittle – no need to choose with this combo of pecans, almonds and cashews
  • No Nut Brittle – you won’t miss the nuts with six nut-free varieties to choose from

With so many tender, original, homemade brittles to choose from, you can customize the perfect gift to feed dad’s sweet tooth this Father’s Day. Don’t delay, though. Order your gourmet gift from Home Spun Brittle today.