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Imagine the Possibilities of Peanut Brittle for Your Wedding Celebration!

If you are planning a wedding, have you considered the possibilities of peanut brittle as a part of your celebration? The reception following a wedding is often more memorable than the ceremony itself, and guests will remember a well-planned party for years to come if you bring the right combination of personal touches and special additions to the mix. Gourmet peanut brittle could be just the right special addition that makes each table feel more welcoming to guests, and for all those brittle lovers out there it is certainly a personal touch to be remembered. The prepackaged peanut brittle for sale in shops around town won’t do for an occasion like this, though. Home Spun Brittle offers beautiful, custom-made wedding favors and centerpieces using a variety of homemade brittles all custom-made and packaged to order. Keep reading to learn more and consider the possibilities today!

Brittle Boxes to Coordinate with Flowers

You wouldn’t want your wedding favors and centerpieces to clash with the color, theme or flower arrangements in the reception space, would you? That’s why Home Spun Brittle would be more than happy to customize your gourmet candy creations to coordinate with the flower arrangements, and the team can even include some of the same flowers that are used in the bridal bouquet in the centerpieces or favors.

Centerpieces with Brittle in Clear Packing

With clear packaging accented by special decorative twists, your customized brittle centerpieces will make the candy itself the star of each table. Pick your favorites from Home Spun Brittle’s beautiful variety of candies, or just get a bit of everything, and customize the centerpieces with flowers, seashells, classic twine, decorative butterflies and other unique accents.

Large Decorated Boxes of Brittle

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful centerpiece that guests can enjoy at the reception and take home with them afterwards, you might consider ordering a custom batch of brittles beautifully packaged in large boxes for each table. With options such as shiny foil and curled ribbons, you can customize your centerpieces to reflect the theme and colors of the wedding without losing sight of what’s important – the delicious brittle inside.

Small Decorated Boxes of Brittle

If you prefer to leave each guest with their own small, decorated box of brittle – either to enjoy at the wedding or take home – smaller boxes can also certainly be arranged to suit your wants and needs. You can even mix and match with different brittles such as pistachio, salted caramel, spicy chili, chocolate brownie and tropical-flavor so your guests can enjoy the brittle that suits them best or try a little bit of everything.

You might be surprised at just how many options you have when you buy peanut brittle! Temecula and the surrounding region truly have some of the most unique wedding favor and centerpiece options right at their doorstep. So, why not make that special day even more memorable by customizing the wedding favors and centerpieces with Home Spun Brittle? You can choose all of your favorite varieties of gourmet brittle, including a classic brittle without any added nuts, to create a unique treat for all your guests. Just don’t wait until it’s too late, because creations this unique will take some time to plan and put together. Contact Home Spun Brittle today for your custom quote and start imagining all the possibilities.